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Artem “The Architect” Koliadyns’kyj is an expert in the world of contemporary architecture. Based in Ukraine, he’s built a global reputation for commitment, understanding and structure; gaining a rich and varied experience for his favorite work of residential buildings. The foundation of this reputation is 20+ years experience in the design world; mastering multiple skills, techniques and approaches along the way and founding the design bureau Design Family. 


This mastership has its roots in pure, childhood artistic talent which Artem brought to the world of architecture. The passion for watercolors and sketches continues to serve him to this day; in his work for interior design. This is only one avenue Artem walks down, as highlighted by projects around the world in areas such as: contemporary architecture, landscape architecture, illustration, and digital design. One thing is for sure, the more uncommon and challenging an idea is, the more interesting it is for Artem. 


That passion for art clearly developed into a passion for architecture. So much so, it goes beyond the real world; Artem also has a huge experience as an artist and illustrator in the 2D and 3D world, also providing architecture for virtual worlds. On the other hand, Artem appreciates the influence art can have on the real world, providing drawing lessons to orphans and children from low-income families whenever possible. 


The hundreds and thousands of projects Artem has finished have culminated into an illustrious career that places him in a unique position: having the ability to draw upon any design perspective, consider how they relate and interact, and therefore be able to skillfully guide the client and project to solutions that are simple yet complex, functional yet beautiful and outstanding yet gracious. 


No matter what the design goal is, Artem will show you the way.

residential buildings, interiors and landscapes | urban spaces


concept art, watercolor painting, drawings, sketching art, infographic etc.







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