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artem the architect koliadyns'kyj


experienced architect

creative designer

concept artist 

since 2003

open to work and collaboration

full time, part time, contract, collaboration

non-remote | remote

skills in both independent and team work

9 years of experience as an employed worker in the following positions

  • Designer-Drafter

  • Designer

  • Chief Architect-Designer

  • Concept Architect

  • Head of Architect and Designer Group


12 years of experience in leadership roles

  • Lead Designer

  • Principal Architect

  • Founder and Principal designer at Design Family 

  • Management experience with up to 18 persons.

Solid skills in management

  • Communication with clients

  • Management skills

  • Managing up to 20 subordinates

  • Managing construction and repair crews

  • Planning personal and subordinate tasks

  • Delegation and supervision of task performance

Confident use of professional knowledges

  • Styles and composition laws

  • Color theory and optics

  • Architectural and building structures and materials

  • Engineering networks and communications

All subsequent work was done both as an executor and as a group or bureau leader...

Client interaction skills

  • Questioning and identifying needs

  • Creating clear and structured technical tasks

  • Presenting concepts and justifying decisions

  • Working on amendments and defending successful solutions

  • Organizing meetings in the office, on-site, during material, furniture, and equipment procurement, as well as remote communication.

Experience in sketch, concept, and idea development

  • Rapid development of multiple concepts while adhering to all technical task conditions

  • Graphic representation development and presentation

  • Idea generation and its variations

  • Working with challenging clients and dissatisfaction

  • Use of software for concept development.

  • Software:

Experience in creating 3D structures and detailed 3D visualizations

  • Interior design

  • Architectural design and environment

  • Landscape design

  • Software:

Experience in creating of documentation and full complect of technical drawings

  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Detailed organization of the landscape and the forms of its individual parts, location of buildings on the territory, organization of engineering communications, transportation and pedestrian flows and paths, landscaping, light design, and microclimate, etc.

  • ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN: Structural schemes and building structures, nodes of standard and non-standard solutions, equipment materials, arrangement, thermal, hydro, noise insulation, insulation, etc.

  • INTERIOR DESIGN: Scenarios of movement and space utilization, planning solutions and zone organization, furnishing and construction of non-standard furniture solutions, light design, layout of engineering equipment, interior equipment, decoration, etc.

  • Software:

Creating of engineering communications structure and equipment layouts

  • Electrical and low-voltage equipment

  • Plumbing and drainage

  • HVAC

  • smart home systems

  • Security and safety equipment

  • Alternative power and heating systems.

  • Further detailing and improvement of the accepted solution are always carried out in collaboration with specialized related organizations and individual specialists.

Experience in collaboration with subcontractors

structural engineers, builders, site supervisors, plumbers, electricians, etc. I constantly control and solve problematic moments

  • at the stage of idea and detailed design:

  • at the stage of equipment procurement and implementation.

  • at the stage of author's supervision and support on the construction site or in interior decoration work.