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dedicated to architecture and art

since childhood




full time

part time



remote | non-remote

all positions I have held


Senior architect and designer

Project manager

Team Lead

concept architect and designer


interior designer

senior and progect manager

Team Lead

Management of design bureau


interior design

graphic design

Management of a group of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers.

Management experience with up to 18 persons.

Management of a construction team and supervisors

New construction, reconstruction, and interior design

skills in both independent and team work

Project management

  • Client communication at all stages of project creation and implementation.

  • Forming of technical specifications and success criteria for project implementation.

  • Team assembly for the development and implementation of ideas.

  • Ideation, concept formation, and creation of demonstration materials.

  • Ensuring the alignment of the concept with client requirements and budget constraints.

  • Ensuring compliance of the concept with all existing norms and regulations stipulated by the legislation.

  • Development of project implementation plan.

  • Project performance evaluation, addressing mistakes, and continuous improvement.

  • Delegation, execution, and oversight.

  • Task formulation, planning, goal setting, and task allocation among team members.

  • Control and verification of task receipt, ensuring the understanding of the assigned task by the executor.

  • Monitoring task execution, adherence to deadlines, and prompt resolution of emerging issues. Acceptance and verification of completed tasks.

  • Control over receiving, executing, and delivering completed tasks in accordance with internal company standards and job instructions.

Architectural designer

interior designer

concept designer


9+ years of experience as an employed worker in the following positions

  • Designer-Drafter

  • Designer

  • Architect-Designer

  • Concept Architect

  • Head of Architect and Designer Group


10+ years of experience in lead positions

  • Lead Designer

  • Principal Architect

  • Founder and Principal designer at Design Family 

  • Management experience with up to 18 persons.


20+ years of experience as a freelancer

  • Architect

  • Interior Designer

  • Concept Architect and Designer

  • Teacher


Confident use of professional knowledges

  • Styles and composition laws

  • Color theory and optics

  • Architectural and building structures and materials

  • Engineering networks and communications


Solid skills in management

  • Communication with clients

  • Management skills

  • Managing up to 20 subordinates

  • Managing construction and repair crews

  • Planning personal and subordinate tasks

  • Delegation and supervision of task performance

Client interaction skills

  • Questioning and identifying needs

  • Creating clear and structured technical tasks

  • Presenting concepts and justifying decisions

  • Working on amendments and defending successful solutions

  • Organizing meetings in the office, on-site, during material, furniture, and equipment procurement, as well as remote communication.

Experience in sketching, concept design, and idea development

  • Rapid development of multiple concepts while adhering to all technical task conditions

  • Graphic representation development and presentation

  • Idea generation and its variations

  • Working with challenging clients and dissatisfaction

  • Use of software for concept development.

  • Software: